Partner Organizations

ASDF partners with autism organizations across the United States to provide financial assistance for our various programs. From social skills camp and swim lessons to holiday gift cards and iPads, our partners help to select and distribute the funds to the families who deserve it the most.

Learn more about ASDF’s partner organizations:

Autism Pensacola began serving Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Northwest Florida in 2002. The nonprofit association of parents, professional and concerned community members is dedicated to supporting, advocating, educating, networking and providing hope for people affected by autism and related disorders of communication and behavior along the Gulf Coast. Autism Pensacola partners with ASDF on our Social Skills Camp Program and Holiday Gift Card Program.

The Bridge of GeorgiaThe Bridge of Georgia is a place that is focused on developing the abilities of children of all ages and ability levels. It is a place where all children are welcome and can succeed. At The Bridge we pay careful attention to the learning style of each child. We work to build the areas in which they are strong while strengthening the areas in whey are have difficulty. It is a place where class sizes are small and children have the opportunity to shine. The Bridge of Georgia partners with ASDF on our Social Skills Camp Program and Holiday Gift Card Program.

Parker Autism Foundation is dedicated to serving North Carolina children with autism spectrum disorders and their families. Their goal is to raise funds to provide scholarships for services for those children who so desperately need the assistance but whose families cannot afford the often-overwhelming cost associated with the therapies. The Parker Autism Foundation partners with ASDF on our Social Skills Camp Program, Holiday Gift Card Program, and iPad Program.

logo-mainCamp Odakoda ASD Oregon was created in 2010 to support children with high functioning autism spectrum disorders and Asperger’s syndrome. The camp’s mission is to facilitate the same kind of summer-camp that most children enjoy – with the added support, encouragement and expertise that they’ve specifically designed for children with these special needs. The camp offers a four-night sleep-away experience for boys and girls aged 10-15 years who have Asperger’s syndrome, or high functioning autism. The program is centered around promoting social skill development in a fun and exciting way. They have a two campers to one adult counselor ratio. Camp Odakoda partner with ASDF on our Holiday Gift Card Program.