Stories of Hope

Through our partnerships with such wonderful autism organizations across the country, together we are able to bring hope to many families that would otherwise be unable to provide the resources necessary for their child to grow. Please read the stories of hope to see how much ASDF and its partner organizations have impacted autistic individuals and their families’ lives.

Adam’s ‘Younique Abilities’

Adam Farris, the President and Owner of Younique Abilities, prefers not to use the terms “disability” or “disabled” to categorize those who are considered to have disabilities. Instead, he likes to use the terms “abilities” or “younique abilities”. Adam believes that anyone with a so-called “disability” has a unique ability and can do many great things—like get a degree, have a career, or start your own business. You just have to believe in yourself and shoot for the stars.  READ MORE >

Johnny’s Camp Scholarship Story

Dear Michael and Jan, Your generosity of awarding the camp scholarship for my son Johnny to attend a sports camp out west 2 years ago was the best gift he could have received. As a result of attending this sports camp, he overcame many obstacles and fears from the experience of trying rock climbing, a high ropes course, kayaking, all things outside of his comfort zone. This was done in a staffed and autism-supportive environment. What transcended; Johnny could carry the self-confidence of trying skills… READ MORE >

Victoria’s Story to Raise Autism Awareness

Victoria is a student at the Bucks County Technical School who has autism and decided to run a campaign for Autism Awareness. She decided to raise funds to increase awareness after visiting a health clinic with her mom. She overheard a couple of guys saying really mean things in response to a show on TV about autism. She got mad, and decided to do something about it. She began her mission by selling puzzle piece ribbons… READ MORE >

Hobart Family YMCA Story

Dear Michael and Jan,
I apologize for taking so long to personally thank you for the generous support of the boys and girls who participated in our camp programs. We are so grateful for contacting us and letting us know of your foundation. The parents were so excited and touched by your generosity. Their children loved participating in our camp program and had such a good time, making new friends, learning new games… READ MORE >

Michael’s Story

Our son Michael attended the Joey Travolta Film School at Oakland University for at least 3 years, perhaps 4. This had an enormous impact on his outlook for the future. The first year he was allowed to use actual cameras, and the second year I remember you let him segment. This made a large impact that reverberated throughout his high school years and beyond. Michael graduated from high school and was accepted to one of our state universities… READ MORE >

Ryan’s Story

My son Ryan was diagnosed with autism, and in an instant our lives were changed forever. As my family and I were confronted with this diagnosis, I began my own research and found that autism affects more children than cancer, AIDS, and diabetes combined! I was shocked to find how common autism was among young children. I was immediately concerned for Ryan as he loves water and has never had swimming lessons. It was then that I found ASDF… READ MORE >