ASDF articles provide educational information for parents and caregivers of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. Articles include information regarding everything from tips for parents of an autistic child to programs that benefit individuals with an autism spectrum disorder.

Web of Possibility
May 29, 2018
My entire life is one giant spider web. Nearly four decades of experiences of intertwined threads spiral around a core that, until very recently, I couldn’t see. I didn’t even know it was there. I spent years wandering the web’s perimeter, not recognizing how all the threads radiated from the middle. One day I finally saw it. There, in the center of everything, connecting it all together, was the core: autism. READ MORE >

Successfully Receive Social Security Disability Benefits with Autism
Sept. 5, 2014
Families can often make sacrifices to support their children and make sure they live joyful and productive lives. When a family has an autistic child, sometimes those sacrifices financially increase in order to improve their child’s quality of life through needs such as doctor visits and therapy. Luckily, the Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to help those families with the medical and living costs of getting help for autism… READ MORE >

How Your Autistic Child Can Benefit from Equine Therapy
Jan. 30, 2013
For thousands of years the bond between man and animal has proven to be effective in creating an emotional, healing bond. Horses are used by physical, speech, and occupational therapists to reach their patients on a personal level through what is referred to as “hippotherapy.” Children with autism also benefit from equine therapy due to the motor, emotional… READ MORE >

Protecting Your Autistic Child at Home or Away
Jan. 30, 2013
For most, home is a safe haven. As a parent of an autistic child, you know that your home is more than just that for your family. Trips to the park or the zoo or even the grocery store can take time, precaution, and planning. Though there are extra steps involved, there are things you can do to protect your autistic child—regardless of the environment… READ MORE >

The Financial Impact of an Autism Diagnosis
Nov. 20, 2012
Today’s economy is rough on families around the country, but there are some who are impacted more than others. Having a child with autism is an emotional, physical, and fiscal feat. Parents of autistic children have additional expenditures that can turn a middle-income family into a low-income family in a matter of months. Unfortunately, poverty amongst families with an autistic child is growing in the United States at a rapid rate … READ MORE >

Early Intervention Makes a Huge Difference for Autistic Children
Oct. 16, 2012
Autism is much more common in today’s society than parents might think. With the numbers increasing annually, the Centers for Disease Control has stated that one out of every 88 children has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder … READ MORE >

Camp Programs Benefit Children with Autism
Oct. 12, 2012
There are many camps throughout the United States, but social skills camps for autistic children are definitely making an impact. Organizations like ASDF are finding ways to support social skill-boosting camps for children with autism. Since autistic children don’t have the same social skills as children their age typically have, it’s important for them to participate in programs that help build … READ MORE >

Why the iPad Is Such a Helpful Learning Tool for Children With Autism
Oct. 10, 2012
Computers have always provided excellent ways to facilitate learning and communication for children living with autism. Now, with the innovation of the iPad, children with autism have even greater opportunities to improve their communication, motor, and cognitive skills.  Nonprofits like ASDF,  a national organization that provides direct support for families living with autism, have developed iPad programs that donate … READ MORE >

ASDF’s Tips for Families Affected By Autism
July 15, 2012
The autism rate in the U.S. is at an all-time high, now affecting 1 in 88 children according to the Centers for Disease Control. That’s a 78 percent increase since 2002 when 1 in 156 children were diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. This increase has impacted more than just the children living with autism. The entire family is affected by the physical, emotional, social, and financial challenges of raising a child with an autism spectrum disorder … READ MORE >