Ohio family sues state for autism therapy
Dec. 28, 2012
Holly Young had modest expectations when a behavioral therapist sat down with her son for the first time. Her boy, Roman, is 2 years old and autistic. He rarely speaks and his behavior can be disruptive. He screeches and flaps his hands, runs around for no reason, shakes his head back and forth and grinds his teeth.


Gov. John Kasich adds autism treatment services to Ohio’s health insurance plans
Dec. 21, 2012
More Ohio children with autism will have access to treatment services under an insurance policy directive Gov. John Kasich announced Friday. Services including occupational therapy and psychiatric care will be available beginning in 2014 through state employee health insurance, health insurance plans sold on the private market and the forthcoming federally mandated health insurance exchange.


‘Heart Child’ – skating and autism
Dec. 18, 2012
“Heart Child” is an emotionally charged documentary film about Crys Worley, her family and the nonprofit (A.skate) she founded after being inspired by her autistic son, Sasha, and his response to skateboarding. The filmmakers, Ben Duffy and Michael Sassano, are both recent graduates of the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York City.


Boy with autism funds research with hand-drawn holiday cards
Dec. 12, 2012
Giizhik Klawiter has never been so much as a visitor to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Waisman Center, but the 10-year-old boy with autism from Hayward, Wis., is one of the most faithful supporters of the center’s developmental disabilities research.


Mother with autistic son worried what fiscal cliff could do to her family
Dec. 12, 2012
For many families, the nation’s lurch toward the so-called fiscal cliff evokes either mind-numbing confusion, measured optimism or downright fear. But for Lisa Slifer, a single mother of three, the consequences of failing to come to a deal are all too real.


Ohio mom creates app for autistic children
Dec. 10, 2012
A Cincinnati-area mother is on a mission to help children and families across the globe break through some of the daily challenges faced by those with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. This year Therese Wantuch launched Training Faces, an application for iPads, iPhones and Android phones designed to help people like her son, Jack, with emotion recognition.


Fiscal Talks Spur Charitable Giving
Dec. 7, 2012
Tax uncertainty in Washington is setting off a mad scramble among wealthy taxpayers and charities to maximize donations before the end of the year. Their worry: The tax deduction for charitable giving, a fixture of the tax code for nearly a century, is coming under pressure as part of a broader fiscal agreement now being hammered out on Capitol Hill.


Buying gifts for children with autism
Dec. 6, 2012
This year, I bought my 15-year-old son and my 4-month-old daughter the same present. I didn’t think twice. I know that they will both love the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes. A few years ago, I might have cried while buying the duplicate toys. When Xander was 8, I burst into tears in the toy aisle of Target.


Psychiatric association approves changes to diagnostic manual
Dec. 3, 2012
Starting next year, the process of diagnosing autism may see drastic changes following the revision of the official guide to classifying psychiatric illnesses. After years of reviewing and refining criteria used by psychiatrists and other experts to diagnose mental health disorders, the American Psychiatric Association board of trustees on Saturday approved major changes to the manual, better known as DSM-5.


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