A Challenge at Work Might Ease Autism Symptoms in Adults
Jan. 31, 2014
For adults with autism, having the chance to work somewhat independently may lead to a reduction in symptoms of the disorder, a new study suggests. The research puts new emphasis on the potential for adults with autism to develop and improve over their lifetimes, said study author Julie Lounds Taylor, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville.


Stricter Autism Criteria Unlikely To Reduce Services For Kids
Jan. 27, 2014
The clinical definition for when a child has some form of autism has been tightened. And these narrower criteria for autism spectrum disorder probably will reduce the number of kids who meet the new standard. But researchers say the changes, which were rolled out last May, are likely to have a bigger effect on government statistics than on the care of the nation’s children.


Mom’s Tribute to Stranger Who Entertained Daughter with Autism on Plane Goes Viral 
Jan. 16, 2014
Eric Kunkel might not really be 3-year-old Kate’s real Daddy, but for 2½ glorious hours on an airplane he generously assumed the child’s name for him. Her fellow passenger’s act of kindness greatly touched Shanell Mouland, Kate’s mom, who was dreading the Jan. 5 flight home to Canada (by way of Philadelphia) after a weeklong family trip to Orlando.


Health: Newcastle autism sufferer Kevin Healey launches cyber-bullying campaign
Jan. 14, 2014
Autism sufferer Kevin Healey has suffered so much at the hands of heartless bullies that he has feared for his own life. For four months he was paranoid and afraid to leave the house after being sent an email saying: “Healey, get ready because I’m going to finish you off via a hit squad,” from an anonymous source.

How My Son’s Autism Inspired Business Innovation
Jan. 11, 2014
My son, Matt, was diagnosed with autism at age three, so I was accustomed to the annual meeting at school to discuss progress with his individualized education plan. But in 2009, when Matt turned 14, I found myself unprepared for the “transition planning” meeting required by law to help parents set a course for high school and afterward.


Encountering autism: Goal of DVD is to sensitize police to those with disorder
Jan. 5, 2014
On a daily basis, police officers responding to calls for service face myriad questions in sizing up the people they encounter: Are they armed? Injured? Combative? Inebriated? Suicidal? On drugs? Physically ill? Mentally ill? A fugitive? A threat to themselves or others? Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. said officers need to add another possibility: Is the person autistic?

Ray Romano is happy to be playing on Team Max on ‘Parenthood’
Jan. 2, 2014
Ray Romano sensed there was something special about his grumpy “Parenthood” character Hank and the way he related to his ex girlfriend’s teenage nephew Max (Max Burkholder). As Romano filmed Hank’s goodbye scene with Lauren Graham last season it occurred to him to go off script and hand Sarah (Graham) an old camera to give to Max. Although Hank and Max had only had a couple of scenes together, the gesture was intended as a sweet note. Romano wanted to remind viewers that as flawed as Hank is, he has a good heart.

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