Boy with autism bowls two perfect games; finds happiness
May 29, 2014

Like all parents, Richard and Patricia Brand just want their child to be happy, successful and have friends. However, Trey’s autism sometimes got in the way. “He was in the Cub Scouts and he had problems. He just didn’t enjoy it,” Richard recalled. “They had a lot of sit-down activities. He wanted to be up and doing something. He had problems with group activities. He likes doing things by himself.”


Your child has autism. How (and when) do you tell him?
May 27, 2014
It’s a conversation that requires  more thought and planning than talks about sex, money, religion or drugs. For parents of a child who has an autism spectrum disorder, discussing what makes him different and why is a delicate matter. When do you need to have the talk, and how do you do it so your child comes away feeling good about himself (and doesn’t start using it as an excuse for every little thing he doesn’t want to do)?


No links between autism and vaccinations: study
May 19, 2014
Whether to vaccinate children has sparked fiery debate among parents for decades. Many parents feel immunization is unnatural, and there are fears about a link between vaccination and autism. But a new report led by the University of Sydney appears to have settled that argument. A review of available data from around the world has found that there is no link between vaccination and the development of autism or autism spectrum disorders.


Brave Kid With Autism Confronts His Bullies In Front Of The Whole Class, Leaves Us Speechless
May 15, 2014

One of the hardest things to do to a bully is to confront them. Harder still is to do it without making the problem worse. Which makes Jake’s action here all the more extraordinary. Jake, a youngster with autism, stood up to the bullies in his class, speaking out during an exercise in the school gym. The courageous act was filmed as part of The Bully Project, a social action campaign to stop bullying.


Teens with autism crowned prom  king and queen
May 6, 2014
Two high school seniors living with autism showed everyone what school spirit is really all about as they were crowned prom king and queen last week. Corinth Holders High School seniors Brian Smith and Alexis Adams have overcome many of the challenges of living with autism over the years. But they don’t let their disabilities slow them down. The two seniors showed their endurance at Friday night’s prom when their classmates chose them to be prom king and queen.


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