The Autism Advantage
Nov. 29, 2012
When Thorkil Sonne and his wife, Annette, learned that their 3-year-old son, Lars, had autism, they did what any parent who has faith in reason and research would do: They started reading. At first they were relieved that so much was written on the topic. “Then came sadness,” Annette says.


5 Tips to Get Thru Thanksgiving for Kids with

Nov. 23, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving to all! The holidays are coming upon us very fast and with them can come extra stress in the household. Moms and dads are busy enough with the school year and now they have to prepare for the holidays. How does this affect the family and the kids with autism?  A lot!


Woman adopts teen after family tragedy
16-year-old finds home
Nov. 19, 2012
CINCINNATI, Ohio – The story of Robin Moore and Kevin Bodnar is one of two people who found just what they needed in the other. “Kevin was sent to me because I needed him and he needed me,” Moore said. Bodnar is autistic. He entered the foster care system seven years ago. Moore’s only natural son, Justin, was the victim of a homicide.


Flu, fever linked with autism in pregnancy study
Nov. 12, 2012
Doctors trying to find some of the causes of autism put another piece into the puzzle on Monday: They found women who had flu while they were pregnant were twice as likely to have a child later diagnosed with autism.


Q&A: Temple Grandin, animal scientist and autism advocate
Nov. 5, 2012
Temple Grandin didn’t utter her first word until she was almost four. As a person with autism, she struggled for years with social situations. But now, Grandin is a renowned animal scientist and professor best known for her work in humane livestock handling.


Remarkable Woman: Kelly Weaver
Personal challenges compelled her to create a better future for her kids with autism
Nov. 4, 2012
As Kelly Weaver walks through the halls of the Alexander Leigh Center for Autism in Crystal Lake,  she beams with pride. “We started with one student in my basement back in 2007,” says Weaver, the center’s executive director.

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