Autism Pensacola and the University of West Florida Host Conference With Special Guests Including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Schererville, IN – March 28, 2013 – ASDF, a national organization that provides financial assistance for families living with autism, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Flying High With Autism conference presented by Autism Pensacola and the University of West Florida.

Flying High With Autism is an annual autism conference that gathers leaders who have overcome various forms of autism. Designed to provide hope, inspiration, and education to parents and other loved ones of people living with autism, the conference gives attendees the opportunity to hear from over 20 speakers and participate in breakout sessions.

ASDF’s donation of $5,000 will enable 15 parents to attend all three days of the conference held in Pensacola, Fla., at the University of West Florida conference center from May 13-15, 2013.

“We are very grateful for the difference ASDF has made and continues to make for those living with autism,” said Susan Byram, executive director of Autism Pensacola. “ASDF’s sponsorship gift for Flying High will inspire and challenge 15 parents who will learn to believe that anything is possible for their children.”

Temple Grandin, Eustacia Cutler, Anita Lesko, Stephen Shore, Craig Evans, John Elder Robison, Mary Robison, Jennifer O’Toole, Ann Millan, and Tony Attwood are among the two-dozen speakers featured at this gathering of renowned autism activists, leaders, and educators. Special guest Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will also attend the event and give a speech on “Autism and America’s Future.”

With presentations and breakout sessions including such topics as “Obstacles into Opportunities: Turning Away from Closed Doors and Opening New Ones,” “Making the Connections in College,” “Verbal Behavior: A Key to Effective Language and Social Skills,” “Therapies and Stumbling Blocks for Individuals with Autism,” and “Autism and the Family Identity,” the Flying High With Autism conference is a much anticipated event aimed at showing the world all that is possible for people living with autism.

One of the biggest challenges of putting together a conference of this size with so many accomplished speakers is the cost for attendees. Many families with autism have limited resources due to the high costs of providing the extra support needed for special classes, activities, equipment, and other expenses. The financial support of ASDF will help many struggling local families attend the conference and hear from such autism luminaries as Temple Grandin.

ASDF partners with several autism organizations to provide funding and scholarships of autism programs including social skills camps, a holiday gift card program, film camp, and swim programs. ASDF is proud to contribute to Flying High and continue to support Autism Pensacola with all of the work it does to give funds directly to people living with autism.

“ASDF is a difference maker,” said Byram. “Through your gift card program, you made Christmas possible for 10 families who didn’t have any plans for Christmas last year. Through your camp scholarships, you have funded the chance for children to play and learn in the summer who would otherwise have been regressing during this time. Thank you is not enough, but we are so very grateful.”

The three-day Flying High With Autism conference will be held from May 13-15, and will include a Hometown Heroes reception honoring military families/personnel and local first responders affected by autism on May 14 from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

Visit to register for the conference and sponsor attendees.

About ASDF: ASDF is a nonprofit organization that supports children with autism spectrum disorders by providing education, information, and financial assistance to their families and relevant community service organizations. Funds donated to ASDF support programs that directly assist families raising children with autism. Visit, email, or call 877.806.0635 for more information and to see how you can help.