Preschool twins Courtney and John reading

We are so grateful for contacting us and letting us know of your foundation. The parents were so excited and touched by your generosity. Their children loved participating in our camp program and had such a good time, making new friends, learning new games, experiencing new activities and enjoying being with other kids their age. We received several comments from parents about our program and what a difference our support made in their family’s life. Our preschool twins Courtney and John would not have been able to participate without your donation. We marveled at the growth we saw in both of them in the short 10 weeks they participated in our preschool day camp. Alexander, Nicholas, Orlando and Paul participated in our school-age day camp. They also seemed to grow¬†this summer. Alexander actually enjoyed getting into the pool each day even though at first he was very hesitant and fearful of the water. Nicholas was a corker every day, making everyone laugh with him. He was a pure joy to have in camp. He was given the Sunshine Award at the end of camp. Orlando seemed to enjoy everything. He especially loved to inform us of the knowledge he had about dinosaurs. He really enjoyed playing basketball in the gym.

Preschoolers, including twins Courtney and John, Daniel, Brady and Joquin

Daniel, Brady and Joquin attended our two-week preschool camp of all abilities. This camp is one my favorite programs and is very important program for our Y. We collaborate with the Center for Possibilities and have for the last seven years. It’s an amazing experience to see children of all abilities interacting with each other, learning from each other and growing together. It’s a very special time. Brady is enrolled in our Developmental Preschool Program and is doing very well.

Again, thank you for the monetary support you gave to the children who have autism, helping them to enjoy a summer of fun with the other boys and girls in an inclusive environment. May God richly bless you as you continue to serve others. Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year!


Christmas card made by school-age student

Sharon Tarry

Hobart Family YMCA
601 West 40th PlaceHobart IN

P.S. The Christmas card has been made by one of our school-age students in our afterschool program.