Ryan's Story ASDF

I was shocked to find how common autism was among young children. I was immediately concerned for Ryan as he loves water and has never had swimming lessons. It was then that I found ASDF.

I shared my concern for Ryan with the foundation and through the generous donations they receive, they helped fund the swimming lessons so our family could focus on Ryan and not worry about our financial situation. He has taken 3 lessons so far and is making tremendous progress. Even more priceless is the peace of mind that these lessons have given me since they could save his life some day.

The generosity of people like you is the key to unlocking a child’s future. From one parent to another, thank you so much for your kindness.

Lisa M. – MA
Ryan’s Mom


Update from April
I had to send you an update. Ryan was able to go underwater and tried to swim to the ladder last Friday!!! The instructer was amazed that he was ok with being submerged. He is gaining confidence and it makes me so proud. If it wasn’t for your foundation, he would not have been able to enjoy this weekly experience.

Thank you again!