She decided to raise funds to increase awareness after visiting a health clinic with her mom. She overheard a couple of guys saying really mean things in response to a show on TV about autism. She got mad, and decided to do something about it.

She began her mission by selling puzzle piece ribbons at the beginning of this school year to raise awareness. She did some research and decided to donate the funds she raises to ASDF.  She really likes how your organization helps send children to summer camps, gives holiday gift cards, etc.

Victoria proudly wears her “I am Unique” t-shirt.

After becoming interested in advocacy, Victoria wrote a poem about her experience with autism called, “I am Unique.” After being so inspired by her poem, we decided to help guide Victoria in a more organized effort for Autism Awareness Month. Victoria designed and is selling “I am Unique” t-shirts, the bakery at her school is selling puzzle piece shaped cookies, and the horticulture class is making puzzle piece pins to sell.

She also made informational flyers and inspired a school-wide activity in which all students signed posters stating qualities about themselves that make them unique. Victoria’s t-shirt became so popular that we had to order more.  She is also going to be highlighted in an article in our local newspaper. The newspaper is going to mention that if people want to help with Victoria’s campaign they can donate directly to your organization in her name.

Victoria is truly an inspiration, and we are so excited to help raise money for such a good cause!

Thank you!

Maggie Angelitis
BCTHS School Psychologist



By: Victoria Lovins

The way I act, talk, or look is nothing to fear
When you’re mean and talk hurt I can hear
I am Unique
You think I am a moron
Truth is I am a person
I am Unique
Sometimes I sing and dance to the beat
Other times I am creative in art
I am Unique
Math is easy
Reading is queasy
I am Unique
When I hear a joke or tease I cry
But to understand them I’ll try
I am Unique
It is awkward to touch
But I love you much
I am Unique
When I’m lost in thought sometimes you yell
Truth is it’s sometimes hard to tell
I am Unique

Update on Victoria’s fundraising efforts:

Victoria was able to raise $2,222.90 and donated it to ASDF in May 2013. Her donation will be used for funding camp scholarships and providing assistance to families in need. ASDF is truly grateful for Victoria’s efforts and support, and greatly appreciate her helping children and families affected by autism.