There are an abundance of resources on autism trends, treatments and research available, but the financial burdens autism families face tend to get overlooked. ASDF works with families and autism-specific organizations to take some of the financial burden off their shoulders.

By providing funding for programs that benefit an autistic child’s specific needs, ASDF lets families know they are not alone in their efforts and gives them hope for the future.

In the past 10 years, ASDF has provided direct financial assistance, through all of our programs, to over 5,000 families who have children on the autism spectrum.

Since 2010 ASDF has given out autism awareness information to nearly 5,000,000 new mothers through hospitals in all 50 states through our Autism Awareness Program.

We are proud of the work we do. We make a difference.


The goal of ASDF is to support children with an autism spectrum disorder by providing information, education and financial assistance to their families and relevant community service organizations. Funds donated to ASDF will be used to address any and all kinds of issues in assisting children with autism and their families. By providing financial assistance to families and autism-specific organizations, together we are able to give autistic children and their families the resources they need to grow.


ASDF educates the public about autism; provides families with tools and educational materials to assist in the early detection of autism as well as tools to assist children diagnosed with autism; and provides families with information on programs available for assistance. The foundation provides financial assistance to families and relevant community service organizations that help people with autism.

Through our 2019 iPads for Kids Programs, we were able to send 84 iPads to children who are nonverbal. Our 2019 Holiday Gift Card Program provided 354 gift cards from Walmart and Target to families who needed assistance.

In 2020, we sent 144 iPads and 329 gift cards.

And in 2021, we were able to send 145 iPads and 377 gift cards.

In 2022, we helped with summer scholarships to 26 families, sent checks to 5 families, 156 iPads and 368 Target/Walmart gift Cards.

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