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Michael’s Story

Our son Michael attended the Joey Travolta Film School at Oakland University for at least 3 years, perhaps 4. This had an enormous impact on his outlook for the future. The first year he was allowed to use actual cameras, and the second year I remember you let him segment.

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About us

In the past 10 years, ASDF has provided direct financial assistance, through all of our programs, to over 5,000 families who have children on the autism spectrum.

Since 2010 ASDF has given out autism awareness information to nearly 5,000,000 new mothers through hospitals in all 50 states through our Autism Awareness Program.

Through our 2018 iPads for Kids Programs, we were able to send 103 iPads to children who are nonverbal. Our 2018 Holiday Gift Card Program provided 319 gift cards from Walmart and Target to families who needed assistance.

In 2019, we sent 84 iPads and 354 gift cards.

And in 2020, we were able to send 144 iPads and 329 gift cards.

We are proud of the work we do. We make a difference.