Holiday Gift Card Program

ASDF partners with autism organizations across the country that help in selecting and distributing Holiday Gift Cards to families who have the greatest need for financial assistance. These e-gift cards provide hope and a helping hand during the holiday season, hope and joy to the families who receive them. Read what some of the recipients and our partners had to say.

Give to the Holiday Gift Card Program Today to bring hope and joy to the families in need.

Learn more about our Holiday Gift Card Program partners:

Applications must be submitted online. Any application via email, mail or phone will not be considered.

The applications will be available beginning Oct. 2, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

 We will deactivate the applicati­on when the program has closed for the year.

ASDF required documentation stating that your child has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) when submitting the Holiday Gift Card application request. If funds are available, we will consider your request.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation is a small public charity that relies on donations from the general public in order to provide its valuable programs.

Gift Card Application